Wholesale Artificial Grass to Contractors

Prices showing online are retail prices. Please contact us for wholesale prices for artificial grass and accessories.

Since we are turf direct company who directly import synthetic turf, we wholesale artificial grass to contractors at wholesale prices.

Give us a call or send us an email. We will come to you. Super easy and simple.

If you need any sample of synthetic grass, we can mail samples directly to your door.

You will be working with our Account Managers directly with you for your project. They will be able to help you build your business with marketing, sales, and product knowledge.

Unforeseen issue? We’re in this as a team, we will always have your back and will help you to work out a solution.

Have a product that you want exclusively for you? We will customize the product for you.

Need to demand specific artificial grass frequently, come to us and we can specially order for you at excellent low price.

Being a partner of us,  you will not only get our synthetic turf at excellent price,  but also we will assign you a contract job at your area.

This is an exciting opportunity to explore your business as well as benefit from our low prices of artificial turf.  We are looking forward to your joining to our partner team.

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