Besides our high quality artificial grass, we also offer toxic free infill and 15-year warranty weed barrier to our installation jobs. "Best Offer w/ Best Materials" is our slogan. Please click Free Estimate for a non-obligation quote to get our competitive price.

We include an overview of some general steps of an installation project. Allow 2-3 days for most installation projects less than 1,000 sq. ft. The speed of installation may be depending on the size and the difficult levels of the project.

The jobs for our artificial grass installation service are including followings:

  • Remove exiting grass and soil if present.
  • Add approx. 3" - 4" class 2 road base or similar. This will make it easy to create a level platform for better drainage.
  • Put weed barrier to prevent weed from growing. If applicable, we may install gopher wire too.
  • roll down artificial turf and install synthetic turf in same direction to make it look beauty.
  • Cut the artificial turf to fit for corners and edges.
  • Fasten the artificial turf using our 5"(or 6") turf nails or staples for every 6" along the outside perimeter and every 2' on the inside areas.
  • Tucking the edge to make it smooth finish.
  • Brush up the artificial turf to make blade vertical.
  • Add infill for better appearance, performance and life span of your synthetic grass.
  • Brush the turf in between infill applications to achieve "freshly mowed grass" looking.
  • Rinse the grass of remaining dust and infill.
  • Clean and well done.

    We posted some images of the above steps as followings: